A Highly Fictional, Future Historical Walking Tour of Hillsboro Oregon

Ever wonder what happens when people from A.D. 2100 want to indulge a nostalgia about the early 21st century? Wonder no longer.  I’ve posted my Highly Fictional, Future Historical Walking Tour of Hillsboro, Oregon, in which a hapless kid trying to fix his cell phone accidentally eavesdrops on the future.

It all started a few years ago, when I saw an Inspector Lewis episode that included a person who was giving totally-false walking tours of Oxford, talking about alligators in the river and such.  I was enchanted by the idea of a Walking Tour as a work of fiction. After a little research I found 230 Miles of Love, a comedic audio tour that you download to your car navigation system and enjoy as you drive the M6 in the UK.

Meanwhile, on our travels over the years, Linda and I have experienced countless walking tours of Cathedrals, castles, ancient town walls, etc. One day it struck me: what would a historical walking tour in the next century, of a town near our home look like? What would a reenactment such as Colonial Williamsburg look like to an 18th century resident of Williamsburg? …inspired a bit by the farcical book, Motel of the Mysteries, which illustrates a far-future amateur archaeologist’s comically-misinformed interpretation of a modern motel, I began.

I created the walking tour to run like 230 Miles of Love, where each track would be triggered by the listener entering a new location in the tour. Unfortunately, I haven’t found a platform I can put this tour on, so the audio languished for years.

Recently I found my new vehicle: YouTube, via ShotCut. ShotCut is an Open Source, cross-platform video editor that’s easy to use, yet fully featured.  It took me less than a day to learn what I needed of ShotCut and to assemble my audio tracks and photos into a video.

So I’ve converted my walking tour into a talking slide show, to give you a rough idea of what the walking tour would feel like as you walk around downtown Hillsboro.  Enjoy.

A Highly Fictional, Future Historical Walking Tour of Hillsboro on YouTube.