Installed in the bloodless coup of 1997, the Co-Presidents-For-Life of the Independent Nation of Needhamia welcome you with open arms and encourage you to explore their country through this web site. Sample our nation’s history, culture, and economy. Learn what it is to be Needhamian and, if you desire, become a citizen.

Tourist visas are unecessary, as Needhamia has liberal travel treaties with all nations. Similary, Needhamia supports dual citizenship with all nations – even ones we don’t agree with. In the 20th century, the idea of an independent nation of Needhamia was a lark – please take the name in that spirit.

This site is for Brad’s hobbies, such as clock repair, singing, maker projects, and more. My work site, BluePaperTech.com, is devoted to 3D printing, ePublishing, and others of my work-related activities.



State of Bradistan

State of Lindavia