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My Take On Things

Pippa Chillin' at Sandy's Portie Party

Pippa here, giving my particular point of view on happenings. Love the new site, because I can post under my own name at last! The only thing that would make it absolutely perfectatious would be smell media – I mean, I’d love to smell to my friends about the growing herbs in the garden, the chipmunk in the log pile, Linda’s sock – which is Bliss Itself – and how much fun I’m having at Tracey’s Nose Work Detectives class!

Needhamia literally joins the 21st Century

The original Independent Nation of Needhamia was built before 2000 – literally in the past century. …and seriously needed an update. Now with the power of WordPress, the Co-Presidents and Court Canus Minor have joined the at-least-recently-modern world!

See About Needhamia for tours of the ancient ruins of the Old Needhamia (e.g., The Ministry of Education).

Doctor Elizabeth Who II

As I was going through old photos, searching for an appropriate background for the site, I stumbled upon this unaltered screen capture from The Queen’s Christmas Speech of 2013.  I suspect that the speech had run a little long, and poor DirecTV could do nothing but report what the schedule said was on.


Screen shot of our TV during The Queen's Christmas Speech
Doctor Elizabeth Who II?