Böhmer, Movie Being Filmed

How to watch Tomorrowland, the movie

Because the 2015 movie Tomorrowland is back in the news, I thought I’d offer my ideas of how to enjoy this promising and flawed movie.

Needless to say, this post contains spoilers.

Tomorrowland is fundamentally about the journey of Casey Newton from a child frustrated by adults’ pessimism and lack of action to a young adult acting on her optimism to save the planet. That story is clouded by a confused narrative of Frank Walker’s crushed optimism and his odd attraction to a robot.

Once the characters arrive at Tomorrowland, the story inappropriately shifts from Casey’s story to Frank’s story, and generally gets confused.

So here’s my advice of how to get the most out of this movie:

  1. Skip the prologue involving Frank Walker’s visit to the World’s Fair and Tomorrowland. It’s a lot of fun, but not part of the story.
  2. Start watching at the point where Casey, on a motorcycle, is riding to the NASA launchpad.
  3. Enjoy the movie as Casey enters an exciting and dangerous extraordinary world and finds allies who believe, as she does, in a positive future.
  4. When Casey and her friends arrive in Tomorrowland, stop watching. Pretend the streaming failed, or that you were called away by an emergency. The rest of the movie is another, poorer story that has little to do with Casey.
  5. Imagine what a great 2nd half of a movie you’ve missed, and cherish the promising 1st half that you’ve seen. Maybe write some FanFic about how the movie ends.

Featured Image: “Movie Being Filmed” Karl Wolfgang Böhmer. Courtesy of the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art.