Metric Dice Bag

SewinG Make It And Fake It’s Dice Bag Project

I’m a total newbie to sewing, so when I saw Make It And Fake It’s Dice Bag Sewing Tutorial, I knew I’d found the design for dust covers for my 3D printers. But first I wanted to convert the design to Metric…

The Metric Version

One person commented on the video that they’d had trouble converting to Metric. Since I work in Metric in FreeCAD, and FreeCAD can produce drawings, I decided to have a go.

The original bag is 5 inches tall, with a 3 inch square base. Rounding to the nearest cm, I converted that design to a bag 130 mm tall with an 80 mm square base. This Metric version doesn’t have quite the same 5:3 ratio as the original, but it’s close.

Here is the FreeCAD drawing of the Metric version of the Dice Bag.

Sewing the original project

…to do, once I get some time.