Started Work on a Lunar Clock

Last night I’ve started in earnest on a Lunar Clock project: a gizmo to physically display the current phase of the moon.

I say “in earnest” because I’ve created a GitHub repo for it, and a repo for the main library it uses. I wrote a (since obsoleted) library to filter out ESP8266 WiFi Shield messages from the text returned in an HTTP Response.

The idea of the project is to have something like a 19th century cuckoo clock that has a piece that shows the current phase of the moon.  Old long case (Grandfather) clocks sometimes did this with a dial that had a full-moon image on it that would rotate behind a mask to sort of show the current phase.  I’m looking to do something that more accurately shows the phase.

In searching for lunar dials just now, I ran across a lot of hits on an Anime thing titled “Sakuya’s Theme – Lunar Clock ~ Luna Dial” . Maybe I chose poorly when I naively called my project “Lunar Clock” – we’ll see.

At any rate, the project has begun!