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The Death of Advertising?

Mausoleum hallway
Mausoleum hallway

Yesterday I saw the death of advertising.

Here’s how advertising works today, glossing over a lot of detail:

  1. A web site, like CNN.com, offers advertising space
  2. You experience the medium, say by browsing to CNN.com
  3. Part of that experience is an advertisement
  4. The site records the fact that you saw a particular ad
  5. The site charges the advertiser of that ad.

Great, no?  Advertising behaves like it has for ages: a medium gets income by essentially renting out part of the medium.  And for online ads, when you click on an ad, an advertiser pays a lot.

Here is the weakness: if you are only exposed to an ad, but don’t click on it, the advertiser’s value of you, as an individual, seeing that ad is tiny.

Along comes https://flattrplus.com/.  Flattr Plus’ model is simple: you pay a website directly for the ads you block – and it’s cheap because ads you don’t click aren’t worth much.

Think about that for a minute: the advertiser wants to pay the website to show you ads; you want to pay the website to not show you ads.  Who will win?  Is not seeing an add worth more than seeing one?  If it is, online advertising just died.  Right in front of your eyes.