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The Co-Presidents in Britain

In the fall of 2000, the co-presidents spent a month in Wales and England. For Linda it was a research trip into English king Edward’s medieval castles (built to crush the Welsh), and into various Victorian museums covering everything from candy to coal. For Brad, it was time to be a tourist: once every seven years at Intel, you get a block of 8 weeks off to reacquaint yourself with the world, so Brad spent half of his 8 weeks on tour.

Here’s a very brief look at the places we visited, culled from our 2,400 photos made possible by Brad’s then-fancy digital camera and Linda’s laptop. Each night, Brad would download the hundred-or-so photos from the camera to the laptop, freeing the camera to take another couple hundred photos the next day. We have research photos of portcullis slots, murder holes, stairways, hallways, garderobes, merlons, embrasures, and many other details of the castles and houses we visited.

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The Oregon Chorale on Tour in Scandinavia

In June of 1998, the Washington County (Oregon) Chorale spent 19 days touring Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. Thanks to the tireless efforts of Gunnar Serrander of Scan Travel Center in Sweden, we had an unforgettable tour and sang to enthusiastic, packed houses in spectacular sites.

Here are just a few photos from the trip. Sorry for the low resolution – this was the previous century!

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