The Needhamian National Anthem

(I apologize for the MIDI format of the anthem, which you need to download to play.)

(all rise)

Land of the Townsend’s Mole Saint George did fell
Where our Co-Presidents happily dwell.
Needhamia! Your land may be fictional in parts
And yet, you have a vast domain within our hearts.

Where else on Earth can one find such a land
Where sunlight dapples ferns placed by God’s hand?
Needhamia! Your history may be cast in doubt
But look — your valleys, hills, and trees are all about.

Worldwide, Needhamians join us in song;
Distant inhabitants swelling the throng.
Needhamia! Your citizens we may fabricate
Yet, counting all the hearts of friends, your land is great.

Music and Lyrics by Brad Needham